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September 7-11, 2015

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September 7th - 20th ~

September 7th:

  • Labor Day - School Holiday
September 14th ~
  • Rosh Hashanah (No School)
  • Happy Birthday Jake N.!
September 18th ~

  • Race for Education Labels Due - Labels and green "sponsor name" sheet due!
September 23rd ~
  • Yom Kippur (No School)
September 25th ~

We need your Race for Education green sheets & labels!

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Box Tops... Box Tops... Calling All Box Tops!

Don't forget to send in your Ziploc bag full of Box Tops by September 25th!

A few quick things about this week...


We are continuing to practice what good readers do this week by leaving tracks of our thinking on post-its. Please remember your child should be writing 2-3 post-its per night as "tracks of their thinking." They should also be completing their weekly bookmark for 20 minutes per night with a parent signature - you are their evidence that they read!

*A friendly reminder... students should be reading the same independent reading book at home as they are at school. This means, their DEAR book should be going home nightly with them, and making its way back to school the following day, everyday!

*Weekly Reading Log Bookmarks will be collected every Monday/Tuesday and should have a parent signature!

Writing & Spelling

I encourage students to be writing at home 2+ times per week. They can write anything – lists, paragraphs, stories, put an artifact in their notebook – we will be talking about and practicing lots of different strategies in class. It should take about 10 minutes - 2+ times per week! There is no specific assignment... they can practice whatever strategy we've done in class or just write! All "at home" entries should be dated and marked with an (H) to let me know it was an "at home" entry. Remember... the more they write, the better writers they will become!

Spelling Homework - Unit #29, pages 177-178 due Thursday, Quiz Friday

*Each week's spelling list will be posted on our class website!


We are beginning Unit #1 - Naming and Constructing Geometric Figures this week. I encourage everyone to start practicing their math facts on www.xtramath.org!

Science ~ Electricity

We will be learning about atoms and static electricity! As a study tool for our first unit of science, students will be creating their own "Important Book." Students may be finishing pages of the Important book project at home this week (only up to page 4)... Expectations are as follows:
  • Students correctly fill in the blanks in their white packet using the purple paper.
  • Words should be spelled correctly, because the words are on the purple paper!
  • All illustrations should relate to the content on the page, be neat, and colored.

Thank you for coming to Back-to-School Night!

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We are... a PEANUT & TREE NUT safe classroom!

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