Is Homework Over Rated?

By: Alysa Beauchamp

Is homework Over rated?

Though its true, that homework helps you build specific skills in life, many students are drowning in an over-flow of homework each night. However, do the advantages really over right the disadvantages? If you go to school on a regular basis, one would assume the information in which they have learned that day is all the need- right? Wrong! Homework is assignments in which you take home and do on your own time. If your teacher isn't home with you than how could you possibly understand the material that was given to you with no help. Homework is hard for students to stay on top of each and every day. A poll of public school teachers finds that on average, high school students are assigned 3.5 hours of homework per weeknight, or more than 17 hours a week. On top of homework many students have after school activities and jobs, and some even have to take care of their families. Also, it is important and mentally healthy for us as humans to have a social life. After going to school for 8 hours a day and learning many students are beaten down and tired by the end of the school day. It is unhealthy for all the homework assigned by teachers. Doctors and studies say that teenage students on average need exactly 9 and a half hours of sleep each night and it is hard to maintain that much sleep with so many after school activities, homework, jobs and social life. Is Homework Over-Rated? By simply reducing the large number of homework given per night by different teachers it reduces students stress, raises their grades from missing assignments and in reality is a more efficient way for the student to do well.
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Family Time

When having 3 hours of homework per night it is hard to maintain family time and socialize with your loved ones. Family members get frustrated that you can't have fun with them instead you have to concentrate and that no fun for you nor them. Especially if your a senior, the homework increases and you know you would like to spend time with your family before you head off to college. Family time is hard to achieve when you have so much homework. Also, an abundant load of homework can make you stressed out, grumpy or moody and cause you to take it out on your family member or snap at them. Thus causing many arguments all due to homework.
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More Homework

More homework doesn't always mean more learning. In fact, the more homework a student is given the less time the student will spend on one specific assignment. Many students feel as though they want to get their assignment done fast so they can finish their other assignments. Making their work less efficient and non beneficial. Less homework per night gives the student to focus on one lesson and not move so swiftly through a chapter each day. Keep in mind- a high school student has 6 class periods a day and at least one homework assignment per night due the next class.
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Students Supporting themselves financially

Many students have after school jobs, to support themselves financially. A lot of families need their children to have jobs in order for the child to do the activities that interest them. In fact, some students even have to pay rent. Juggling a job, athletics, grades, homework a social life, and taking care of yourself as well is hard to maintain. An Arizona University study shows 80% of students take a part-time job. Think of after going to school for 8 hours you have to go to work for another 5 at the least and after that tend to your 3 hours of homework. By the time a student gets a day of school, athletics, work and homework out of the way its at least 12:30 before they can even prepare themselves to start the day all over again the next morning continuing the same routine. Students need at least 9 hours of sleep. A study found that only 15% of students get at least 8 and a half hours of sleep which still isn't enough for the body to rejuvenate.
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An USnews study shows that at least 55.5% of all high-school students are involved in a sport. Not including band, color guard and clubs. High school athletes practice almost every day, some do practice every single day to prepare for games,meets or competitions. These practices could last up to 3 hours easily. Game days are even longer causing you to get home extra late; leaving you with few personal time and up yet another night with extra homework and exhausted the next morning.
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9 1/2 hours of sleep

Each teenager is suppose to get 9 and a half hours of sleep per night for the body to function in the right manor. However, with the amount of responsibilities put on each student it is definitely one of the larger problems in student homework. Students tend to stay up all night doing homework, or stay up all night messing around because they couldn't be your average teenager during the day time when they are suppose to be. How are you suppose to be a normal child when you have every one say what you HAVE to do? Nightly battles concerning after school assignments and tasks sure is a major reason kids don't get enough sleep. "In fact, a study last year showed that the impact of excessive homework on high schoolers included high stress levels, a lack of balance in children's lives and physical health problems such as ulcers, migraines, sleep deprivation and weight loss." says a CNN news study. Something obviously has to give.
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Home Responsibility's

Teachers and students don't understand how much responsibilities students have on them. Homework can cause a lot of stress in house holds. Nearly 70% of students have divorced parents and single parents. Thus, putting a lot of pressure on the student not only do they have: work, school, homework, athletics, and clubs but also, parents don't realize all the things students have to do during the day and expect them to come home and do chores as well. Also, some students have younger siblings they have to run around to sports as well. For example; Me myself have a single- parent and I have to go to practice, work and take my siblings to school, having to wake-up early I am not the only one. A lot of students have a lot of their own responsibility , and on top of it have responsibilities of others as well. Many students have to grow up very fast and have less and less time for themselves and less and less time for homework.
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Sometimes students get so stressed out they break down and don't even finish their homework. Some students get so fed up and just don't even attempt the work in which they are given. Females are said to be 13% more stressed then males. Females also are very hormonal due to their genetic makeup. Thus making females more stressed than ever when adding all the homework and added stress. Being stressed can contribute to other body malfunctions. Homework is one of many stressful things a student despite gender have to deal with.
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Social life

Having homework isn't the only things that can help you be successful in your future. In most jobs you need some type of social skill. Being social isn't only healthy for you but also a good trait to have. Many social-psychological literature studies show that you'll find when people who have and maintain social ties with friends, family, and acquaintances are more likely to report being happy and less stressed. Being an introvert or un social can cost you many benefits you could have if you were more social. Harvard’s Robert Putnam writes about social capital in his book, Bowling Alone, and shows how social ties are not only important for personal well-being, but also for our democracy. Also the death rate is higher in those who don't socialize with many others. Putnam says; "if you don’t belong to a group and you join one now, you’ll cut your chance of dying in half for the next year." Also suicide rates are higher in those who don't socialize. Another factor of not being able to socialize in missing out on some really cool people and activities.