The Adventures Of

Aaron the Asparagus and Bob the Broccoli

The Lesson

One day Mr. Aaron met this little broccoli. They had a lot in common so they wanted to become friends. Aaron said a bunch of lies like, he was Superstar, he is best friends with 100 celebrities and more. Bob began to find out that he was starting to lie. Bob didn't like him lying at all.

A couple days later Aaron kept telling lies and Bob didn't like Aaron more and more. Soon enough Bob didn't trust anything what Aaron said. One day, Aarons' worst enemy , Fred the French Fri, was coming to eat him and Bob. Bob didn't believe him because of his telling of lies.

Later that week, Fred came with some of his fellow French fries to attack. Aaron was frightened and Bob wasn't there to protect him. Bob went over to Aarons house to see what's up and he sees Aaron tied up and about to get eaten. Bob comes and knocks Fred and all of his friends and saves Aaron. Aaron said thanks and swore to never ever tell another lie in his life. Bob thought that was fine and they went on with their day.

Till that very day, Aaron learned a lesson: Never tell lies because no one can trust you and it can put you in danger.