Automotive Engineers

Josalyn Jado

What type of work do Automotive Engineers do?

Automotive Engineers design, build, and maintain vehicles for use on land, sea, air, or space.

What is an Automotive Engineer's Salary?

It depends on what type of Automotive engineer they are and which place they are in, but the beginning salary for an Automotive engineer is, $23, 000-$30,000.

What are working conditions for an Automotive Engineer?

Automotive Engineers work indoor, and outdoors, but more commonly, indoors. They work inside enclosed vehicles such as, trucks, cars, and vans. They wear protective gears such as goggles, or earplugs. They work in hot or cold temperatures, depending on the work locale.

What are major job responsibilities for an Automotive Engineer?

  • Their responsibility is to manage the overall cost estimation of the parts that is to be launched in market.
  • They are responsible for managing, controlling, and guiding of the other engineers involved in the work.
  • They are responsible for conducting out various software testing’s that can help in releasing the best automotive part.

Is there a demand for this job in the future?

Yes, there is a demand for this job in the future. There is, because in the future, we need automotive engineers. We need them for innovating our transportation, making it better. For example, a car. If we didn't have automotive engineers, we wouldn't have better cars the way we have today. Maybe next year we will see something flying in the air, and then everybody can say, its a flying car, an automotive engineer innovated one of the cars, and gave it the power to fly. So, yes, there is a demand for this job in the future.

What kind of education is needed for Automotive Engineering?

Automotive Engineers career training begins with a four year bachelor's degree from a college or university. While they are pursuing their bachelor's degree, students have to take classes in different fields such as physics, mathematics, design, and computer science. The first two years focus in classes of math, and science. The last two or three years focus on specific engineering courses. Automotive Engineers must also have a degree in mechanical engineering or a related engineering field.


What impact do you think engineers will have on your future?

I think that in my future, there will be crazy technology that will probably be invented, or innovated, because nowadays, they are innovated, but maybe in the future, there will be more inventions. Also, engineers come up with more and more things everyday, so you never know what will come out next. Also, I think that in the future, there will be flying cars, since now there are cars that drive on their own. Next, I think that there will be train stations over oceans and roadways for cars to drive on, and instead, people will be going on a train over the ocean, or drive over the ocean, instead of riding in a boat. That's what I think engineers will do to impact not only my future, but our future.

Do you think you’d be interested in pursuing a career in engineering? Why or why not?

I think I would be interested in being an Automotive engineer, but i'm not a car person, but I am really great at putting things together. Also, I would like to be an engineer, because of the salary they get.
Automotive Engineering