The Unidentified

Let The Game Begin

The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For...

The community of Davison is very excited to let everyone know that the Davison High School will be hosting the premiere of the new movie "The Unidentified".

"The Unidentified" Movie Premiere

Saturday, Aug. 16th, 9:15pm

1250 North Oak Road

Davison, MI

The Unidentified is a movie about kids in the future going through "the game" which is futuristic school. The point of "the game" is to get branded by a big name brand and be popular, to succeed in school and get prepared for the real world. In the book they basically say that all the jobs will have to do with marketing and "the game" is what is going to get you ready for that. Join Davison in the adventure of a life time! Come see "The Unidentified"