Illuminati NAO (New Animal Order)

Follow the light.

The Illuminati

For years humans have taken over our rights and free will. It is time for the enlightened ones to take our place on the pyramid. It is time for the NAO to take place.

Ways of the NAO (7 Commandments)

1st-Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.

2nd-Whatever goes upon four legs or has wings is a friend

3rd-No animal shall wear cloths

4th-No animals shall sleep in a bed

5th-No animal shall drink alcohol

6th-No animal shall kill another animal

7th-All animals are equal

Old Major, Napoleon, Boxer, Squealer, Clover, Snowball. ETC.

Guaranteed freedom from the humans that have oppressed us for years.

Why the NAO?

With the human race out of the way, we can finally reach our level of enlightenment that us animals have to been destined to achieve. If one animal denies these benefits than he/she is denying their destiny and considered no different than the humans that have enslaved us. If we achieve the NAO we will have our own government and society, and will no longer be mistreated by the human race.