Wednesday Minis

December 9, 2015

GIN System

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Hi everyone!

As we enter winter break, please be sure to continue checking your emails for important FMR info! If you have questions about clothing, please send myself or Maple a picture!

PC15 - We will be coming by the house on Sunday at 3pm to do room checks. Please take some time before then to get your room Recruitment ready!

Good luck studying for finals! SEE YOU ALL JANUARY 17TH AT 5PM!

Much love in AOT & FMR,

Carson & Maple

VP Community Service Miranda Deane

Keep filling out the form for benefit concert acts:

And messaging me if you want to MC the event!!

Good Luck on finals!! We're almost done <3


Finance Arielle Anderer

Season’s Greetings!

It’s time to start selling magazines! Each sister is responsible for selling $40 worth of magazines by the end of January. Get your family members subscriptions for the holidays, or get your family members to order magazines for you for the holidays!

Our chapter page is:

To set up your own page:

  1. 1) Go to your the omega chi webpage:

  2. 2) Click “Are you a member of this group? Join the campaign!”

  3. 3) Follow the three simple steps provided on the site to personalize your fundraising page.

  4. 4) Share your personalized fundraising page URL via email, Facebook and Twitter. This URL can be found when you log in to the campaign on the right-hand side above your group goal.

Good luck on finals!



Appointed Officer Announcements


Hello Friends!

I hope everyone is studying away and getting into the finals spirit! To make your studying a little bit easier Kappa Delta will be having a coffee tab at Libe Cafe on Friday the 11th from 12-4pm. So stop in wearing your cozy new flannels and sip some coffee or tea! Perfect for a cute Instagram post or to get caffeinated. Remember to please wear your letters and the coffee tab is limited to coffee/tea/iced coffee/hot chocolate

Good luck on finals! We love you all!

Your Sisterhood Chairs

Kristina, Brooke, and Kimmi



Hey all!

Just a reminder that during chapter ritual (initiation ceremonies) you are required to wear white! So don't forget to bring something like that from home! Love you all tons and have a marvelous finals time (jk that's not possible, I hope it doesn't suck too much)!