Police Brutality in Virginia

By: Danilo and JT

Police Brutality Can Manifest in Several Ways:



-Acts of physical violence

-High speed chases


-Unjustifiable force

-False arrests

-Police misconduct

-Civil rights violations

We Need to Stop This

Thousands of cases of police brutality come in every year. Only about 20 to 50 of them are actually looked at. People are being killed and beaten by people who are supposed to protect them.

Cases of Police Brutality:

Ways to Stop it:

You could make cops carry around small microphones that record everything a cop says. People could only listen to these recordings if the cop is charged with police brutality. Since every state police department only has a limited number of police in action or patrolling, there should be a surveillance center in each station were police could be monitored with their cameras and microphones.