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What I learned in Photo Journalism.

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What I've learned in PhotoJournalism

In Photojournalism i learned a lot i learned how to take picture from all kinds of angles, filters, or a certain way for example like birds eye and worms eye. Out of all of them rule of thirds was my favorite. I really liked this class, my teacher was amazing. I feel like she taught her students really well, she made the lessons fun but at the same time still got stuff done. My least favorite part of this class was the humans of fossil ridge, it was towards the beginning of the year which was when i didn't really know anyone, so it was really awkward. It wasn't too bad it just wasn't my favorite. Still glad it was in the class because i meet some cool people. My Favorite project was the SAT Alphabet because it was so challenging and fun to find letters out in real life places.This class made me a better photographer and made me realize how fun it really is.

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Camera Operations

1. Power On/Off- its really easy, theres a switch on top you just slide it to the right once.

2.Batteries- On the bottom of the camera tree will be a little switch you slide it down and the hatch will, the batteries will fallout if you're not careful, but just make sure you put the batteries in correctly. + -

3. SD Card- its very simple turn the camera upside down open the hatch where the batteries are, get your SD card and push in the slot until you hear a click

Humans of Fossil Ridge

"i love ridge" - Ivan Gallardo
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Law and Ethics of Photography

You can't take photos of private things without their permission, for example no pictures of someone in the bathroom or funeral etc..

You should always take the photo in serious situation like in war zone or place like that, but you shouldn't always post them.

Try yo take the best photos you can but don't disrespect someone at the same time, for example if you took a picture of someone crying, how would you like it if someone did it to you.