2013 Wrap Up!!

The Stellar Stylists

What a year!!

2013 was incredible and I hope you are all proud of everything you accomplished. Whether you sold 10 necklaces or 100, you were out there sharing the style, making connections and adding sparkle to many who needed it!

Look at the many amazing things that our team did in 2013!

  • Sold over 1.2 MILLION
  • Promoted 4 Senior Stylists, 2 Star Stylists and 1 Senior Director
  • Our team grew by 26 Stylists!
  • Had a ton of fun at launch events, monthly meetings, Hoopla and our holiday party!

What does 2014 hold for you?

I can't imagine what great things we will accomplish in the next year...remember, do today what most won't and you'll have in a year what others don't!

Top in Sales for 2013!

Beth Tackaberry $111,263

Tracy Clemens $48,326

Virginia Zavitz $46,901

Gabe Figliano $46,528

Magie Navaleza $39,615

Pina De Luca $35,229

Dayna Ciufo $29,900

Claire Naranjo-Vargas $27,292

Nadia Garisto $24,148

Anne Marie Beattie $23,633

Julie Harris $23,286

Notable New Stylists!

These stylists rocked out their first year of business!

Dayna Ciufo $29,900

Jana Garratt Lam $16,017

Andrea Sturino $15, 899

Kristyn Pozzer $8,739

Joanne Yo $5,790

Stella Costa $7,798

Bev Saptel-John $5, 550

Nadia Garisto $24,148

Ann-Marie Riddell $9,386

Sonia Nobleza $8,366

Pamela Kerr $6,454

Katherine Ouroutsoglou $9,854

Jennifer Vanbeisen $10,721
Jennifer Fedrigo $10,787

Linda Rose $9,637
Kerry Ammerman $5,307

Pam Tiffin $7,860

Mara Lowrey $9,241

Lynette Tilt $9,762

Narine Stepanian $9,499

Vanessa Parolin $6,106

Our Top 10 for this week!!

Check out our top in sales heading into the last week of January!!
Congrats ladies!!! Remember $500 retail gets you business supply credits and $2308 gets you a 5% commission bonus!!

1 Beth Tackaberry Kitchener ON CA $4,666.12
2 Clair Vargas Toronto ON CA $2,998.50
3 Virginia Zavitz Mississauga ON CA $2,657.63
4 Magie Navaleza Waterloo ON CA $2,338.00
5 Gabriella Figliano toronto ON CA $2,107.45
6 Mo Gaudet Barrie ON CA $2,099.00
7 Amanda McCue Milton ON CA $1,809.17
8 Narine Stepanian Woodbridge ON CA $1,455.94
9 Nadia Garisto Maple ON CA $1,332.03
10 Pina De Luca Toronto ON CA $1,318.54

Save the Date! Brighten Your Life Tour! Jessica and Anita in the house!

Jessica and Anita will be coming to Perth Ontario in April - DATE TO BE CONFIRMED

The Brighten Your Life Tour will be like no other!


Rising Star Training!

Open to all stylists who are looking to build a consistent and flexible part time business this year!

Stylists who register and attend the event will receive a coupon code for the Navy Stripe Pouf ($24 value)

Stylists who pre-register and sell $1,000 in retail sales (during the month of April and prior to the event) will receive a coupon code for the Classic Bag!)

Style Events!

Invite all of your Prospective Stylists, Hostesses and Customers for some fashion, styling and networking! The vibe for this special Style Event will be fabulous and light with a focus on fashion, styling, and networking (and product of course!) Key trends of the Spring season as well as upcoming sneak peek of product launches! Invite your guests to meet our CEO and Founder, Jessica Herrin!

Leadership Event - Fast Track to Star Invitational

Calling all Shooting Stars! While visiting your city, Stella and Dot is looking for our fast rising leaders and have a very special opportunity to receive small group coaching in an intimate setting with the Home Office! If you have a goal of Star, HOL Star or Associate Director by Hoopla and are ready to set your business into high gear this spring with fast action, we invite you to apply to receive your special invitation by filling out this survey

Beth Tackaberry

Senior Director and Independent Stylist
Stella & Dot