Describing the universe

In terms of time distance and organization

What is astronomy?

Astronomy is The scientific study of the universe. The study of astronomy is the study of the universe is important for the potential benefits to humans. Private foundations and industry also fund research in astronomy. For example ,studies of how stars shine may one day lead to improved or new energy sources on earth. The astronomers may also learn how to protect us from potential


1.describe characteristic of the universe in terms of time distance and organization

2.identify the visible and nonvisible parts of the electromagnetic spectrum refracting telescopes and reflecting telescopes

4. Explain how telescopes for nonvisiable electromagnetic radiation differ from light telescopes

Difference between astronomical unit and light year

The astronomical unit is the distance from the sun to the earth. The astronomical unit is 150,000,000 km as the planets move further from the sun and when they move closer to the sun the astronomical unit gets smaller such as mars vs. Jupiter And smaller when it's in mars . The light year which is 10 trillion km are similar to the astronomical unit because they both km alway

The organization of the universe

In the universe there are 8 plants which are mercury Venus earth mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune which this make up the solar system and the Milky Way in the universe there are also stars and some of the planets are made up of gas and others of rock

Describe the electromagnetic spectrum

Electromagnetic spectrum : the range of wavelengths or frequencies over which electromagnetic radiation extends . The invisible and the visible EM spectrum are different because one is not visible to human eyes and the visible is a short wavelength of visible light that are blue and violet.

Compare the refracting and reflecting telescopes

In the reflecting telescope it is unlike objective lenses in refracting telescope mirrors in reflecting telescope can be large in the refracting telescope have an objective lens that bends light that passes through the lens . And the reflecting telescope each telescope are a pair called the keck telescopes in Hawaii.

Compare invisible light and space based telescopes

An invisible light telescope has each type of telescope has each type of electromagnetic radiation provides scientists with information about objective in space . One problem with using telescope to detect invisible electromagnetic radiation . The space based telescope is space craft that contains telescope and other instruments have been launched to investigate planets . While ground based telescopes have been critical in helping astronomers learn about the universe.