Celebrate My Drive 2015


In 2015, State Farm will continue to focus on teen driver safety and helping new drivers build confidence on the road. We encourage teens to make smart choices behind the wheel as they celebrate the freedom that comes with a driver's license.

1. Go to celebratemydrive.com to learn about the 2015 grant opportunity. Look at the details and get the proposal ready for entry in October.

2. Working with your FCCLA chapter, determine what teen safe driving initiative to focus on. Make your proposal CREATIVE and be sure to include how it will be implemented DURING THE ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR.

3. October 12-25, 2015 are the proposal submission dates. When 2.200 schools have submitted proposals the submission phase will close - this could be earlier than October 25, 2015 so GET IT READY AND GET IT ENTERED ASAP when submission dates open.

4. Between October 25 and November 9, 2015 a State Farm panel of judges will select the TOP 100 schools - 50 large schools and 50 small schools.

5. From November 9-November 13, 2015 - VOTING will be open for the general public to select their favorite teen safe driving grant proposal. Get out there and ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO VOTE FOR YOUR PROPOSAL.

6. December 10, 2015 - Of the TOP 100 schools, the TOP 22 vote-getters - again 11 from large schools and 11 from small schools will be selected to receive $100,000.00 from State Farm to implement their teen safe driving plan.

7. The HIGHEST overall vote-getter will earn a concert headlined by EchoSmith.

8. Get your thinking caps on and submit those great ideas I know you have but sometimes don't have the funding for. This is your chance to showcase what you do related to teen safe driving initiatives.