Argon Eagle

From the Greek word for inactive, argos

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The Argon Eagle came to discover this power one night flying home he flew into a near by telephone pole. The next morning he woke up to realize a strange glare in his eyes he realized strong glares from cars and bright object no longer affected him and he had some type of argon shield on his eyes.


Argon has a symbol of Ar. Atomic number:18 and Atomic mass average number 39.948 ± 0.001 u




Facts and Characteristics

Date of Discovery: 1894
Discoverer: Sir William Ramsay
Name Origin: From the Greek word argon (inactive)
Uses: Lighting
Obtained From: air

Argon is colorless, odorless, nonflammable and nontoxic as a solid, liquid, and gas. Argon is chemically inert under most conditions and forms no confirmed stable compounds at room temperature.


Shield from bright glares

Bright light from eyes

Can turn purple and a bright glowing color