Polar Bear (Infograph)

Riley Manuel, Jake Smith and Caleb Mitchell

Polar Bears

Polar bears are an endangered species. They live up in the Arctic Circle and depend on the ice to live. They are important to the ecosystem, and keep many different animal populations down.

Polar Bear's Diet

  • Ringed Seals
  • Whales
  • Some vegetation
  • Birds
  • And sometimes bird eggs

Why are the Polar Bears on the endangered list?

1. Ecosystem

The polar bears' live in the Arctic circle, and in Canada. They depend on the ice, that they hunt. The ice is slowly melting from global warning. Their numbers are dwindling as they are left with out a home and a place to hunt.

2. Poaching/hunting

The polar bears are hunted for their skins and furs. Many poachers fly on low-helicopters to shoot the bears.


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