By: Taylor Krager



The loud chirping bird

Was just learning how to fly

There he went freely


There was a great man

Who was really a fan

He cheered so loud

Because he was so proud

That he was just like Fran

Rhymed Couplets

My brother Caden

Is really misbehavin

He took my phone

And now I'm all alone

I will put up a fight

Maybe all night

Just to get my phone

So that I'm not all alone

Free verse

I like the fall

Because I get to play ball

And sometimes I have to call

For help when I fall


I wonder!

I wonder how my parents named me.

Where did they get the name?

What does it mean?

I wonder if I will get a good grade on my art.

How will she grade it?

Will she like it?

I wonder who will be my friends in high school.

Will it be the same ones I have now?

Will I have completely different friends?

I wonder what my future will be like.

Where will I go to college?

Will I live close to my parents?

I wonder when I'll decide where I'll go to college.

Will I get to play college basketball?

Will I get a scholarship?

I wonder why I'm here.

Will I make a difference?

What will I accomplish?

I wonder!

I wish

I was a bird. I could look down at all the people.

I wish

I had a time machine. I would be able to see my ancestors.

I wish

I was invisible. I could sneak up on people and scare them.

I wish

I had graduated high school. I would be older and wiser.

I wish

I could play college basketball. I would be very happy!

i used to think

I used to think that school was easy

But now it gets harder as I get older

and as it gets harder, I get wiser

I used to think growing up was fun

But now I know its not

All I do is work

I used to love winter

Sledding, snowball fights, snowmobiling

But now I think its too cold

I wait till the day that the sun will warm me whole

I used to wonder why I, a child, got punished

But now I know the true reason

They did it for me, to make me to be a better me


Tay was born in May

She liked to jump in the hay

But now shes dumb

As dumb as her thumb

Ed Sheeran

was born with bad hearin'

but now he sings

as well as birds fly with wings

What the ______ does

What the telephone does



What the ghost does



What parents say when a child first starts driving


Slow down!

Theres a car!

Put your seatbelt on!

Turn down the radio and focus!

It doesn't matter how you look, focus on the road!

Your boyfriend can wait!

Snapchat is not that important!

Brake now!

There is a yellow light!

Watch out!

There's a deer!



My little girl is growing up!


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