Join our awesome reading group and be a WINNER!

Reading is ridiculously good fun. Remove all your cares and escape into the radical adventure of fiction. Relax and enjoy a world completely different from your own and remember your mind can transport you to a special far away place where dreams can come true and monsters can be defeated by the power of good.

Every fortnight in the CBC Library

Come in, chill out, relax in a comfy chair and leave your worries at the door. Kick back with friends and read something that will influence your life and grow your imagination!

What is a Personal Reading Program (PRP)?

During the reading program you will be given time to select reading material of your choice. You will share with others your reading experience and discuss what books are worthwhile and which ones were a let down. You will be given TIME to improve your reading skills and enjoy time out from the stresses of life. Your Personal Reading Program is your way of keeping a record of what you have read and to assist you in developing your comprehension skills.