Notes from MissYoung & the Restless

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For the week of November 16

Learning this Week


This week we are continuing to add to our non-fiction comprehension skills by working on the following skills:

- Determine the most important details in a section or entire text (new)

- Identify and use text features effectively

- Preview a text by reading the headings

- Determine the meaning of an unknown word by trying out a synonym

- Explain how ideas in a text are connected to each other


We've been working on our nonfiction books and have been learning lots including:

- Independently plan and write nonfiction books

- Write an introduction that captures the reader’s attention

- Write a conclusion that emphasizes why the topic is important (this week)

- Organize nonfiction writing with a table of contents, headings, and page numbers

- Use transition words throughout a nonfiction text

- Use pictures, labels, and captions to teach the reader

- Provide definitions within the text and/or a glossary (this week)


This week we continue to dive into multiple digit addition with and without regrouping- formerly known as carrying. :)


Monday- Day 1- PE (Tennis shoes)

Tuesday-Day 2- Art -----Don't forget to send in library books

Wednesday- Day 3- Music

Thursday- Day 1- PE (Tennis shoes)

Friday- Day 2- Art

Book Fair

I'm sure you've heard that the Book Fair is at BSE. We will be visiting Wednesday right after lunch. We will get there around 1:15 or so. If you would like to help us, you are welcome to come.