LV Intermediate Parent Newsletter

Volume 25 March 10, 2017

Upcoming Events...

March 13-17 Spring Break

March 24 End of the 3rd Nine Weeks

March 28 Grade 4 STAAR Writing and Grade 5 STAAR Math

March 29 Grade 5 STAAR Reading

April 6 Grade 5 Science Benchmark

April 14 School Holiday

April 28 PTO Luncheon for School Staff

May 8 Grade 4 STAAR Math- Grade 5 STAAR Math Retake

May 9 Grade 4 STAAR Reading- Grade 5 STAAR Reading Retake

May 10 Grade 5 STAAR Science

May 15-19 Port A Trips for Fifth Grade

May 22 Fifth Grade goes to 6th Grade Orientation

May 24 Field Day

Every Child...Every Chance...Every Day!

First Yearbook for Lago Vista Intermediate School

Please plan on ordering your child a Lago Vista Intermediate Yearbook- We will send order information after Spring Break.
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Mrs. Rohne's Class is studying the Important People of the Texas Revolution


Attendance Rates:

4th: 97.14%

5th: 93.96%

Total: 95.69%

Teacher: 94.76% Teachers----the students are still winning!

Ms. Henderson's Classes performed plays based on Important Figures of the Texas Revolution

Thank you, Mrs. Fountain!

We would like to thank Rebekah Fountain for providing our staff breakfast on Thursday. It was delicious!

Notes about Morning Drop-Off

Parents please remember that your child's safety is very important to us. Please plan on arriving to school in the car rider line by 7:35AM each morning. This will allow you enough time to pull through the the drop-off and let your child out of the car under the awning. Staff will be directing students to not exit the car until they are in the awning area.

Intermediate students report to the cafeteria when they arrive on campus. We have morning announcements in the cafeteria beginning at 7:35 and teachers pick up students and start back to their classrooms at 7:40 to begin class at 7:45. Mrs. Davis remains in the cafeteria to make sure students are able to get breakfast, if needed, and then escorts the students to the lower campus.

Thanks you for helping us make your child's morning a happy one!

Notes from Nurse Carmichael

Spring has sprung!

And that means mosquitos aren't far behind.

Last December, Texas became the 2nd state to report locally-acquired cases of Zika.

The best protection is being proactive...

take a look here and then inspect your home and work sites for places mosquitos breed.

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