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(State) Testing 1...2... 3...

'Tis the season...

State testing will be here before we know it. The following is information for spring testing:

Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR), Grades 3-8

The IAR is the state-mandated standardized test that replaces PARCC. However, for this year, the test will still be PARCC, as the state doesn't have the new test ready. Students and teachers will access the tests in the same manner as they did with PARCC, using Pearson AccessNext. You should receive an email with your username and password.

The dates for IAR are April 9-11. The schedule will be very similar to last year. A more specific schedule will be shared soon; teachers can plan for mornings to be filled by IAR test sessions.

PSAT, Grade 9

The PSAT will be administered to Grade 9 on Wednesday, April 10. Freshman will take this test in the Junior High Gym.

SAT, Grade 11

All juniors will be administered the SAT on Tuesday, April 9 in the Junior High Gym.


Benchmarking is done three times a year - Fall, Winter, Spring. This data is used to let us know where are students are in regards to the curriculum. We can use this to inform our teaching, and to identify students in need of more support. Benchmarking is done using the following screeners:

STAR, Grades K-12

We use STAR Early Literacy, Reading, and Math tests as a "checkpoint" of sorts to see at what level our students are performing. This enables us to look at student performance over time, student growth, and grade-level performance.

AIMS Web, Grades K-5

Benchmark Assessment System (BAS), Grades K-5

Any time we talk about students, we also consider teacher and parent input. We need to look at the student as a person, not a number. A statement that says this well:

"We are not data-driven; we are data informed and student-driven."

Do You Teach Students Who Have an IEP or 504 Plan?

Many of our students have IEP's - Individualized Education Plans, and a few have a 504 Plan. These plans are actually legal and binding documents that outline the appropriate instruction and supports for students with disabilities.

The part of these plans that many teachers will be responsible for are the accommodations and modifications. Each teacher should have a copy of these provided to them by a student case manager. Please remember to review these from time to time to be sure they are being provided to students.

Many of our special education teachers are holding IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meetings for their students right now. Each meeting must have both a general education teacher and a special education teacher. If you are invited to an IEP meeting, you are expected to attend. If something comes up and you absolutely must be absent, please let the teacher know ASAP.

SPED Teacher Corner

Here's the 411 for SPED Teachers!

Just a few reminders:

  • There are a lot of resources in our Team Drive; to access, get into your Google Drive, click on Team Drives, and look for SPED/RtI
  • When conducting an Annual Review, you should have updated goals to share with parents before talking over the new goals.
  • Please be sure to put the considerations for Technology in Additional Notes.


SPED/RtI Team Drive

There is a team drive named "SPED/RtI" that holds all things special education and RtI. It can be accessed through your drive by clicking on "Team Drives".

Margie Rhoades, Director of Student Programs and Services