The Weekly Growl

March 21 - 25, 2016

This Week

Monday, March 21

  • 4:00 Site Based Meeting
  • Grades Due by 10 AM

Tuesday, March 22

  • 5:00 Pre-UIL Choir Concert and Clinic @ SPHS

Wednesday, March 23

  • 5:00 PTA Board Meeting

Thursday, March 24

  • Wear College Shirt With Jeans
  • 4:00 Track Meet @ Canyon Vista

Friday, March 25

  • Good Friday/Staff and Student Holiday

Next Week

Monday, March 28

  • Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 29

  • STAAR Grade 7 Writing
  • STAAR Grade 8 Math

Wednesday, March 30

  • STAAR Grade 8 Reading

Thursday, March 31

  • Wear College Shirt With Jeans
  • STAAR Assessment Makeup

Friday, April 1

  • Wear Hernandez Shirt With Jeans

Upcoming Events

March 29 STAAR Grade 7 Writing

March 29 STAAR Grade 8 Math

March 31 STAAR Assessment Makeup

March 31 Bulldog Store

April 1 STAAR Assessment Makeup

April 1 Region 26 Varsity Band UIL Contest @ Georgetown HS

April 4,5 District Track Meet

April 4-8 Soccer Team Tryouts

April 5 Beginner Orchestra Festival @ SPHS

April 6 UIL Choir @ Eastview HS, Georgetown

April 8 7:45 Student of the Six Weeks Awards Ceremony

April 8 Band & Orchestra to Texas State Clinic and Concert

April 12 6:00 Meet the Dawgs Parent Meeting

April 13,14 Orchestra Concert

April 14 IB Community Project Awards

April 15 3:30 - 5:30 School Dance

April 16 Orchestra Solo & Ensemble @ Hopewell

April 20 5:00 PTA Board Meeting

April 21 5:00 Soccer vs. Grisham @ Westwood HS

April 27 7:00 Dance Spring Show

April 28, 29 6:00 Children's Show - Theatre

Briana Flores 20

Wendy Tucker 24

Kera Blay 26

Desiree Le 30

Natalie Reale 30

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A big kudos to Wendy, Cherri, Kino, and others who are wrangling in the kids during tardy sweep. That is not an easy job.

A big thank you to Heather and Leo for helping out 8th grade ELA during our Rising Star Initiative to help out all of our 8th grade students.

Kudos to Maggie, Caitlin La, Mrs. Barnhart, and Jeremy for working hard and being so organized on these STAAR mock days and getting us prepared for the real thing.

Kudos to Kristen Morgan and Casey Gembicki for going above and beyond this six weeks for R.S.I. and working as a team to help all of 8th grade.

- Milton Perez

A HUGE kudo to the one who manages my area, Evelyn Cubias!! Thank you so much for always being so understanding and fair. For always being so thoughtful and special with us AND for being very considerate with us when we've had bad moments. She's always thinking of pick me ups for the team and appreciation surprises. For always listening and letting us vent. For always standing up for us, and setting us straight when we do deserve it. THANK YOU EVELYN!

- Marbel Donosso

I would like to put a drop in Ms. Terry, Mr. Shuck, Mrs. Cole, Mr. Bergeron and Mrs. La's buckets. This week I had the pleasure of seeing their scales, assessments, activities and student tracker. They are doing a stellar job preparing our 8th graders for the upcoming STAAR exam.

- Mario Acosta

I would like to put a drop in the bucket for:

My athletic staff. Thank you for being team players, loyal and committed. Maintaining the "in it to win it" philosophy day in and day out with our kids. You are valued and appreciated.

Teachers. Thank you for the job you do with our kids everyday. You're making a positive difference daily in the future of our kids, more than you know.

- Karen Huffman

Thank you to Caitlin La and Chenita Toler for their hard work on some of our most challenging students.

Thank you to Cecilia Azulay for your continued dedication to our department and the students we serve. You keep us running smoothly!

Thank you to Patti Cole and Ashley Brunette for keeping the Bulldog Cafe open and filling it with love. I still wish you could deliver to DFT! :)

- Lyndsey Pounds

To: All HMS Staff Members

For: Sending & submitting group / club / other amazing photos for this yearbook! Thank you for all of your patience and hard work!

- Ryan Smosna

A BIG thank you to all of the teachers who have opened their rooms to the classes in the portables during the recent Rainy Day schedule!

- Jayson Sherman

I would like to thank Spring Break for a refreshing sigh of relief.

- Desiree Le

Happy Grocery Shopping.

Cut For Time: Supermarket Spree (Melissa McCarthy) - SNL