The Holocaust - 1940

By: Rithvik N, Rishik B, Abhi A, and Aneesh P

Essential Question

what caused the Geneciede to happen in Germany

January 25, 1940 (Auschwitz)

-The first concentration camp created and also the main concentration camp. This camp is where they burn people Ina large furnace.

April 9, 1940 (Invasion of Denmark and Norway)

- German battleships started to enter ports in Norway

- The Germans deployed thousands of troops occupying majority of Norway

- While this was happening in Norway, at the same time, Germany is taking over Danish cities such as Copenhagen.

- Norway refused to give in to German rule

- Germany responded with a parachute attack.

- Unlike Norway, Denmark surrendered as soon as the invasion started, convinced they could not handle the nazis.

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May 10, 1940 (Invasion of France)

-The Nazi’s invaded France on May 10, 1940.

-They needed France to get to their primary goal, Great Britian.

-After Hitler succesfully invaded France, France signed an armistice with the Nazi’s.

-France then began to divide into two zones.

-The northern part of France was controlled by Hitler while the southern part came under control of the french government lead by Marshal Philippe Petain.

-After the invasion hitler built many concentrations camps which they imprisoned Jews.

July , 1940 ( Madagascar plan)

  • The plan proposed to send most of Europe Jews to the island of Madagascar and set up a massive concentration camps when Nazi’s got control over it.

  • The plan was proposed by Adolf Eichmann a major organizer of the Holocaust.

  • The plan was not actually put into effect because the Nazi’s couldn't take over Madgascar.

  • Adolf Eichmann was found and executed in Israel for his war crimes.

November 15, 1940 (Ghettos)

  • The Warsaw Ghetto was sealed off from the rest of the towns.

  • This created unrest and a lot of rioting.

  • This also showed the Jews trying to defy the Germans.

  • It was a bad thing a as it required more of the Nazi resources to go into the rioting.

Holocaust documentary


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