Relationship Evaluation

BY, Ansley Wyen

Who is the best listener in my life?

Alexa Boyd is such a great listener. She listens to what I have to say no matter who else is talking, like when i need a worksheet out, but I don't know what it looks like. She also listens to me when I tell her to stop talking and pay attention, like when she gets off topic.

Who is an individual who makes positive decisions for themselves and others that I really respect?

My mom is an individual who makes positive decisions. She had to make the decision whether or not to take me out of school to go to a family gathering for one or two days. She chose the option best for my education. She also has to decide whether or not to feed me and my sister. She makes the great decision of giving us food.

Who is an individual that provides excellent communication that makes I think and reflect on my decisions?

My sister Lindsey is a great communicator. She always proves her point with proven evidence and makes you think about it. Like when she stated that gay people are human too, she gave evidence that made me think.

Who is an individual in your life that I know personally that embodies the characteristics of a great leader?

Madison Brown has the characteristics of a great leader. She is the a co-leader of the debate club and she is a great leader because she takes charge and is always there. She tries to make everybody happy, with success, and she does the work she is supposed to for the debates.

3 character traits you most admire or respect from others