Instructions For A Broken Heart

By: Kim Culbertson


  • Jessa
  • Sean
  • Carissa
  • Natalie
  • Tyler


Jessa catches her boyfriend, Sean, making out with Natalie " the Boob Job" three days before their drama clubs trip to Italy and she has a breakdown. Jessa's bestfriend, Carissa, gives her a set of instructions to follow so she could help her get over her breakup and open her heart to new experiences. When she continues through the envelopes she learns more about Sean, herself, and Carissa than she may be able to handle.


  • Jessa and herself
  • Jessa and Sean
  • Jessa and Carissa

Personal Remarks

I liked that it is easy for people to relate to because everybody experiences heartbreak or has seen somebody experience it. I liked that Jessa realized she needed to discover things about herself but I didn't like how cliche the story was.