What I learned in Language Arts

By Cooper Dickson

What will I learn?

Commas,main Idea,visual elements,compound and complex,and Information writing is what you will learn.


You can use commas in a series,intro,or calling a name.For example: I need to get coke,pizza,and chips for the party.Hello,and welcome to Pizza Box how may I help you? John, clean your room or you will not go to the party.

How does she feel?

From the picture you can tell this woman is stressed.Read this story. One time a sad pig named Pigzo wanted to be a flying pig.Then the Witch Cow said look up!Then a magic book landed on his head,and sadly Pigzo was dead!Then the magic book picked up the cow and tossed him a million miles high!Then the Witch Cow grew wings,and Pigzo was by his side flying together!The End How did that story make you feel? The woman does not look happy the passage was made to make you happy.Did you smile?Mood is how you feel while reading and tone is what something sounds like.This story was for fun!

Informational Writing

In informational writings you need to stick to your title and have at least 5 sentence paragraths.First paragrath are indented,capitalize letters,and have complete sentences.