Roman Entertainment

What do you do to entertain yourself?

The Colosseum

There was death and destruction at the Colosseum. Just to let you know the Colosseum was where they had all of the gladiator fights and also the Christians were fed to the lions! Eventually, there was lesser known events like mock sea battles involving ships, animal circus acts, animal fighting, and animal hunts!

Gladiator Games

The gladiators were not free, they were slaves and even criminals. The events were very violent, gladiators had to fight other gladiators, wild animals, and condemned criminals. Thankfully, the women sat on the top because there would be blood everywhere and I bet it's very gruesome and disgusting.

Chariot Racing

Chariot Racing was the most popular sports in Rome. While riding it was both dangerous to both driver and horses as they suffered injuries and even death! Usually, in chariot racing no one cared they only cared about the win! Over 270 thousand people fit into the arena!! Would you go to these chariot races?
Chariot Race at the Hippodrome