New This Year: Grade 3 Math CAT

KWCPS January 2016

What's a CAT?

This year, the Math 3 SOL test will be a Computer Adaptive Test (CAT). This is GOOD NEWS! The test will be dramatically shorter than the traditional SOL math test and will be more individualized. The test will adapt (become more or less difficult) to the student based on his/her correct and incorrect answers.

Here's what Math 3 teachers need to know:

  • The Math 3 CAT will include 32 test items (28 operational test items; 4 field test items). 10-15% of the test will be Technology Enriched Items. The traditional test contained 50 test items.

  • The test can be administered over one or two days. AES has chosen to administer the test over TWO days.

  • The test will only assess students on Grade 3 content. When a student receives a more difficult test item, it will still be on grade level.

  • The SOL Test Blueprint HAS CHANGED- but only in the number of test items assessed. The standards and content have not changed. Click here to view page 3 of the revised blueprint.

  • Students will NOT be able to "flag for review" and return to a test question. They must answer the question before proceeding. This will need to be practiced as it is different from our instructional practice.

  • Two videos are available to assist teachers and students with this new kind of assessment. Click here to view these short VDOE videos.

  • A comparison of the CAT and tradition test is available. This may be a resource that you want to share with parents.

  • Expedited re-takes will be available, as they were last year. The same SOL reports will also be available.

If you have any questions regarding this new assessment, feel free to contact me or your STC, Donna Pitts.