Team Twenty News

March 17, 2016

Curriculum News

Can you believe it's March already? The recent sunshine and temperatures have given me a bit of spring fever. How about you? Don't even ask the kids! All you have to do is see their smiles and energy to see that they too have fallen "ill". All I can say is, keep it coming!

Team Twenty is a thinking classroom. We've been thinking about lots of important concepts. Here is a run down:

  • In Math students struggled with performing operations with fractions. Boy were those word problems tough. We all gained knowledge and understanding of how fractions work. We have moved on to Algebra. The students were really worried about tackling this "tough" math. They have been pleasantly surprised to discover that all the concepts they already know apply to Algebra. In fact, they have been doing Algebra without even knowing it! Some key vocabulary for this unit includes: numerical expression, variable, algebraic expression, evaluate, simplify, like terms, inequality, equation, true, equality properties, and solve. Understanding these terms will enable students to complete operations in algebra.
  • In Reading students continue to work on comprehension of text and using text to provide evidence of understanding. In addition, we have added a new feature to our classroom routine. Students will be practicing Fluency and Presentation skills each week. Students are directed to choose a short piece of text, this could be a poem or an excerpt from a text. They will have one week to practice the piece and will perform it before the class. Students are assigned performance days. This schedule will be in place through the remainder of the school year. In the event that we do not have school on a given performance day, students will double up the following day to catch up. Students must provide an introduction to their piece and will be rated on rate, phrasing, smoothness, pace, volume, eye contact, and posture. Our performance schedule will be in effect starting Monday March 21st. Our schedule is: Monday - Kyle, Sonia, Adam, Aiden, John D., Ryland Tuesday - Bethany, Tori, David, Patrick, Sophia, Ashton Wednesday - Nathan, Evelyn, Madison, Noah, Laney, Haley, Thursday - Seth, Brian, John S. Michael, Lyle, Reagan Friday - Jensen, Amin, Taylor, Keegan, Jack. Students are allowed to present with a friend if they so desire. If they do, they may choose either of their scheduled days to perform their piece.
  • In Social Studies, we have examined slavery as a component of early colonial economic systems. We have explored the motivation for the slave trade as well as they issue of human rights in the colonial period. Moving forward, students will continue to examine the systems colonists put into place to organize their communities and explore the social and economic factors leading to the Revolutionary War.
  • Science consists of the continued examination of systems and our Capstone Project. We will begin our final unit in Science after spring break which will focus on physical science.

Capstone Project

They students in Team Twenty have researched, written reports, made action plans, and are preparing for the final presentation on March 29th from 4-6 pm. Many students are currently "taking action" throughout the school and in their community. Please plan to join us for the event to support our kids in their efforts to make change in their community and world.


One of our Donor's Choose projects has just been funded! They students are so excited. Our Fun Furniture for the Creative Classroom project was funded thanks to the generous donations of Dr. Renee Krusniak and Family, Dennis Cassiday, Jason Hamilton and Family, and Vicki and Ray Baker (Madison's Grandparents). Our ball chairs will be arriving any day now. Thanks SO MUCH for your support!

Relay For Life

We are still in need of adult volunteers to help us organize our Relay for Life fundraisers. Save the date!! Please go to our page and sign up to be on our team or donate to this important cause. We will have a meeting Wednesday April 20th at 5:30 pm in Room 20 for those interested in organizing and supporting Team Twenty.