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What Extempore is About

Extempore is an event for Gifted Kids in Missouri. Ray-Pec is going for the second year on April 5th. Each team has 3-6 people. There are 3 arenas. My group of 6 is competing in arena 1 Showtime. We have 5 minute skit about a created comedian, Bartholomew Shokenbauer. (Me) There is a requirement of three early comedians and we have them. We have Gracie Allen ( A 40's and 50's actor/comedian.) We have Dick Van Dyke (A 50's to now actor.) Lastly, we have Steve Allen ( The First Tonight Show Host.) We also have a non-required comedian Melissa McCarthy (A current time actor.) The skit is about Bartholomew getting heckled by Heck. The old comedians come in in different unique ways. Melissa is in the background the whole time doing funny things with her baton ( which is a drumstick.) In the end Heck gets away in a "daring" way. We end with the Comedy Clubs aka. Komedy Klub, theme song. "Funnier than a penguin wearing a suit playing the piano. Double K Komedy Klub.

Some Websites

This is her website: Mrs. Waltz's Class for the Gifted

It has some info as well as class things

Here is the Extempore website: Extempore

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