Gregor Mendel


He was the first person every to study human genetics and how they work

Successes and Struggles

Some of his successes are he got accepted to the university of Olomouc and got a good relationship with all his teachers. Some of his struggles are he failed his exam four times. He tired to take the exam again but he stormed out of the room and failed it agian.

Experimental Design

Studied pea plants and how they make different kinds of them and then Crossed two different plants together to make one new plant to tell how genetics and heredity in pea plants worked.


He tried crossing two peas to make better pea plants. When you cross two peas of the same kind you always get a yellow pea plant. When you cross a green pea plant with a yellow plant it will be yellow because the yellow pea plant are dominant over green pea plants.


The Scientists did this lab to figure you how genetics worked and to see if they could do it to any other kind of plants to make it healthier


He help with it because he has done so much with the scientist things he has done. Like the pea plants for example showing how they make new plants with different kind of peas on it