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June Discussion: Alternatives to Email

Office Hours

CTLE Annual Report - 2016

June Ev-Anar: Outlook Tips and Tricks

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June Discussion Topic

This month we will focus on communication methods. We all experience pile ups in our email but there are other ways to send and receive messages. This month we will discuss alternatives to email.

What are some strategies or tools you use to best communicate with your students and your peers? Participate in this month's Discussion by providing some insight into your methods or simply respond to what your colleagues are saying about the tools they use.

In addition, feel free to participate in past discussions. These discussions are a great way to connect with your colleagues from around the world on topics that effect every instructor.

Don't forget to post a topic in the "Suggestions for Future CTLE Topics" discussion. This helps us plan our offerings and ensure they are meeting the needs of our ERAU-W faculty.

June CTLE Office Hours

Have questions?

Want to discuss best practices?

Your CTLE staff are here to support you. Join us during our virtual office hours to chat, ask questions and find out what is happening with your colleagues around the world.

June office hours will be held

Thursday June 16th @ 9 AM ET and 3 PM ET

To attend, join the Rothwell CTLE Events through the EagleVision link on our CTLE Resource Site. Keep in mind, we are available for individual consultations if the listed times are not convenient for you.

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CTLE Annual Report - 2016

In March 2016, CTLE reached out to all faculty (full-time and adjunct) with a climate survey. The results of that survey as well as other data related to CTLE offerings and activities were compiled to create our Annual Report. Some of the highlights of this report are included on the About Us page on the CTLE Resource Site.

June Ev-Anar

We are happy to announce the CTLE-W EV-Anar topic for June 2016 -

Managing the Mount Everest that is your Email

Session Description:

Are you overloaded and buried under a mountain of email on a daily basis? Do you feel overwhelmed with constant email interruptions and tasks? Join us for this 20 minute informational workshop as Cristina Cottom, Research Specialist for CTLE, discusses strategies to manage your email inbox. This session will provide tips and tricks to prioritize and de-clutter your overflowing inbox and organize your tasks.

This session is offered three times for your convenience.

Tuesday June 21 @ 10 AM ET

Tuesday June 21 @ 8 PM ET

Thursday June 23 @ 2 PM ET

See our schedule of events below to register. You can also attend without registering with the following link:


Did you know?

You can always access a full library of past Ev-Anars anytime on our CTLE Resource Site.

June 2016 CTLE Calendar of Events

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Thursday June 16th @ 9 AM ET

Thursday June 16th @ 3 PM ET

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Tuesday June 21st @ 10 AM ET

Tuesday June 21st @ 8 PM ET

Thursday June 23rd @ 2 PM ET

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