The Flu Epidemic

By: Tiffany Savannah Cody Sierra

The Flu

In 1918, the U.S. suffered a home front crisis,an international flu epidemic. It affect one fourth of the population. This event was very devastating and caused a lot of problems in the country.

The flu was a terrible thing that led to many problems


  • Mines shut down
  • Telephone service was cut in half
  • Factories cut hours
  • Cities ran out of corpses
  • Dead bodies lay unburied for up to a week

"So many people died from the flu they just rang the bells; they didn't dare take corpses into the church"

Epidemic killed about 500,000 Americans before disappearing in 1919


Influenza killed as many as 30 million people

One-third of troops died

WWI Brought on death and disease to millions but, like the flu epidemic, the war came to a sudden end

After four years of slaughter and destruction the time had come to forge a peace settlement.