Bob Willoughby

Born: June 30, 1927, Died: December 8, 2009 (82)

Bob Willoughby was known for his photographs of Audrey Hepburn

Background Info

  • After receiving his first camera on his 12th birthday he then decided to pursue photography.
  • Willoughby studied photography at the film school at the University of Southern California and worked under graphic designer Saul Bass at the Kahn Institute of Art
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His Photos

Bob's trademark is very minimalistic and very rarely uses color because he shoots and edits his pictures in black and white. Bob became famous shooting in jazz clubs and his black and white shots caught everyone's eye. Somehow with the lack of color and busy details, he captured every droplet of sweat and every freckle. Though he did not win any big awards, his photos are still well known and breathtaking.

"Just Look at It"

Bob was known to be very humble, but after seeing the success before the very famous Audrey Hepburn photo of her film Breakfast at Tiffany's was released, people would ask if it was good, or ok, Bob would reply "just look at it."
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I appreciate Bob's simplistic concept that he uses. Even in his color photos, he keeps colors very minimal and I really love it.
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