Weekly Notes

February 7-13

Focus of the Week: Consideration

Due to me forgetting to pass out your Pennies for Patients boxes, we are extending the drive through the end of the month. It went out on the callout. The class who wins gets a lunch from Olive Garden, so make sure to dig through the couch cushions for extra change.

Monday, February 8
  • 3rd Quarter Workshop Begins
  • Maurus- 16-17 kindergarten family tour @ 9AM
  • Training for media techs 2-3PM in the media center (Mack/Maurus/vanWell)

Tuesday, February 9

  • Maurus @ admin meeting- AM
  • Staff Meeting 4-5:30 (Data Analysis)

Wednesday, February 10

  • Count Day!
  • Turn in conference sheets today if you haven't done so yet. Keep calling families who have not had their conference rescheduled- WE ALWAYS AIM FOR 100%!!!!!
  • Monitor Meeting @ 12:00

Thursday, February 11

  • PJ Day! 50 cents each student
  • Kopy/Woodham at new teacher training
  • Dunn/Maurus maintenance/custodial meeting @ 10:00

Friday, February 12

  • Happy Birthday, Monica (enjoy your day off!!!)

Last Week's Behavior Data

Administrative Interventions: About 15 (I even went to Pierce to visit a couple of our former fifth graders who were having issues at Jefferson dismissal. Due to their surprise and discussion, I feel confident that dismissal will go more smoothly for them now).

ISS: 2 (repeated rough play)

OSS: 1

Send Home: 0

Theft: 5 (Book fair-2, item left in the hallway-1, Kids Care field trip- 2)

Trends/Hot Spots: There was a LOT of talk about theft this week! Any time we have the book fair or santa shop, this is likely to happen, but there were reports of three others that were unrelated.

One thing that I want you to know is that you didn't really see me much on Thursday and Friday because I spent about three and a half total hours tracking down videotape, talking to kids, and trying to find items. I am not able to play Sherlock for every single theft because it takes an extremely long time and other things come up that I have to take care of.

Please, please, please tell kids that if they choose to leave items out on shelves or bring expensive items to school, that it is really up to them to make sure that they take care of them. If you do have a student who has a hard time keeping his or her hands off of others' items, please make sure that they are not alone in the hallway or are supervised if they have to go out there.

Upcoming Watch DOGS

None this week- I'm going to make some phone calls to see if we can get some in.

Remind 101 AGAIN :-)

I did a huge push this past week to have parents sign up for Remind 101- we already have about a QUARTER (WOW) of the families signed up!

As I have said to a lot of you, Gigi's (my second daughter) teacher uses remind every week with homework reminders. I asked her how she does it and she said that she sits at her computer after doing weekly plans and schedules her remind messages according to her plans.

As a parent, I am in the loop WAY more than any other year. Had it not been for remind101, there would have been a few missing homework assignments.

I asked a few of the families that I saw on there how they liked it and they were very happy to have the quick updates (half day and popcorn were the two that went out this week).

My goal is to have 100% of the families on there so that we can move into this more effective mode of communication.

If you would like to sign up for this group (there are a few of you on there already, follow the directions below.

Big image

Enjoy the Super Bowl!