Reagan's Steamboat

The way to travel in swag


  • It was the first type of transportation
  • They carried people and goods from one place to another
  • They could go at the speed of five miles per hour
  • Cities grew along rivers to make trade easier
  • In North Dakota the most popular place was Red River Valley to ride these


  • Faster way of traveling from area to area
  • It allowed travelers to go up and down stream
  • Transport more people
  • Had a very realiable schedule


  • The steam engine would accumulate to much pressure and explode
  • Air pollution
  • They depened on burning wood or coal to keep going


Robert Fulton was not the one to invent the steamboat but he sure does get a lot of credit for it. Englishmen Jonathan Hull made a steamboat in 1737. Americas James Rumzey, John Stevens, and James Finch all ran the working steamboat before Fulton launched his invention of the steamboat.


What the steamboat really affected was the Industrial Revolution, but it really helped getting places faster. The steamboat impacted ND because it brought more thing and people here so we grew faster. We became more popular in the country wide situations because of steamboats.
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Mickey Mouse - Steamboat Willie (Whistling song)