Team Believe January Newsletter

Stats & Congrats for January 2014

Hi Ladies of Team Believe,

Rebecca and I wanted to congratulate you for January! She is really busy with getting her home ready to sell and work, so I offered to do the newsletter.

How is your March looking? Are you struggling to book parties? Well, a director shared a text message she has been texting to your contacts and has had great success with it -- 22 booked parties. When you're in the car loop at school, waiting at a doctor's office or hair or nail salon, lunch break at work, or sitting on the couch on Facebook (I do that!), send this text to your contacts:

"Hey ___________! I'm in a booking challenge to see how many parties I can book in 2 hours. Would you consider having a fun girl's night in between March and May? It can be a home, favorite restaurant, coffee shop, Facebook or catalog party. "

I have also added this to my text:

"Here is the 411 on the 5-1-1 party...all you have to do is have 5 friends attend, have them bring 1 guest and in 1 hour you all have a fun girl's night in."

What I love about this is you're sharing with your contact that it is a challenge, giving them a timeframe, and showing them that it's fun, fast and easy. Who's going to give it a try? Share on the Team Believe FB page your activity.

If you want to schedule a coaching call about booking, recruiting or selling or anything else, please reach out to me. I am here to help and am a resource to make your business what YOU want it to be.

Your PROUD Senior Director,

Mary Bakken

Welcome New Consultants!

New Consultants

Tracy Poenitske

Kansas, sponsored by Sara Brandt

New Consultants,

Email me at a few dates and times you are available to schedule a new consultant orientation call. Plan on 30-45 minutes. You will learn more about Start Swell, booking parties and how to earn more money. This call is for your benefit.

Top Personal Volume

Amy Lamperti $1008.50

Tasha Cohen $739.00

Lolly Block $325.00

Top Parties

Tasha Cohen - 2!

Amy Lamperti - 1

Kathleen Sprague - 1

Lolly Block - 1

Tracy Poenitske - 1

Top Recruits

Sharing Thirty-One will reward you and others. Congrats!

Sara Brandt - 1! Way to go, Sara!

Team Believe Stats

Number of Consultants: 17

Team Sales: $3102.50

Number of Parties: 7

Number of Recruits: 1

Your Director Rebecca's Stats

These numbers are meant to impress upon you, not to impress you.

January PV: $401.50

Parties: 1

Recruits: 0

Team Sales: $3102.50

Your Senior Director Mary Bakken's 411

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Mon.- Thurs. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. MDT

Fridays, Evenings & Weekends by Appointment