Five Fabulous Days

Day TWO!

Day TWO Sponsored by Jennifer Bitar - Associate Director!

She's Giving Away ONE of These Shirts - WINNERS CHOICE!

All About Jenny!


I am giving away one of these three graphic t-shirts. I love these because one of my favorite styles is to take super casual and mix with our fab statement pieces. Plus each of these shirts embodies what we Ruby Reds are all about ~ showing up and styling our own lives!!! Three shirt options attached (obviously subject to size availability)

Jenny's Story:

I had been in medical/surgical sales for over 16 years and when my daughter, Blake Sophie and I moved to OP, KS in September 2013. I decided to radically alter my life to be a SAHM because I didn't want to travel and be away from her. In January of 2014 my friend Christina asked if I would host a trunk show - I said sure but what is this stylist thing...and the rest is history. My why is complicated (and if you attended the BootCamp in OP you had to witness the portion that is hard to articulate in writing.) however the simple part of my Why is to be able to stay home with my daughter and at the same time still have a sense of purpose and fuel my desire to stay connected and have a career on my own terms. And along the way I found the most amazing, positive, supportive tribe of women I would never have imagined to become a part of!!!

Her Top Tip & You Can Win THIS TOO!

Her Top Tip:

Set YOUR goals and then track them. You should always know much more you need to do to hit YOUR goals! And don't reinvent the wheel - use all the S&D and the Ruby Reds provides for helping you write your success story. ~sorry, that might be two however I could make it a run-on sentence :)


Personal Shopping

What if someone called you today and let you know they would help you with the rest of your holiday shopping? They'd offer ideas and suggestions...all in your budget! I bet you'd LOVE it! I know I would!!

Today's challenge is FUN and I guarantee you'll get results! It's time to reach out to 10 and offer to be their Holiday Helper & Personal Shopper! You'll get ONE Entry for Every 10 you contact!

Words To Say...

"Hi Jane, I hope you are having a wonderful December! I can't believe Christmas is just a little more than two weeks away! Do you have all of your shopping finished? If not, let me help you!! I've got a lot of fun and fabulous style steals for all the girls on your list...and even something special for your guy! You could swing by my place (I have my boutique set up for anyone to shop over the next week) or just let me know who's still on your list and I will send a few ideas. We have some really fun gifts under $25 (teachers, friends, stockings, etc.) You know I'd love to help you!! xoxo - Tara"

Then you can send this as a follow up...
One more thing :) You can purchase a $50 Stella & Dot Gift Card and Redeem it for $75 between December 29th-January 5th with our Dot Dollars Promotion! xoxo

Here are some images you can use to send with your text!

We LOVE Jenny & We LOVE Selfies! xoxo

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