Harlem Reinassance

BY: Amy and Cierra

W.E.D DuBois

  • Role in the Renaissance: He was a leading voice in the African American community for many years.
  • Major Organization:He founded the National Association for the Advancement of Color People.
  • Magazine Editor of: The Crisis
  • Outlook on African Americans:They were on the rise.
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Marcus Garvey

  • Organization Founded:Marcus Garvey the universal negro improvement association
  • Philosophy: He promoted self alliance for African Americans.
  • Garvey was highly critical of W.E.B DuBois and NAACP.
  • Garvey was charged with milf fraud and he went to prison in 1925

Art Work:

  • Aaron Douglas
  • God's Trombones
  • Focus on artistic themes of African American heritage and racial pride.
  • His artwork always had internal impressions.
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  • Langston Hughes
  • Dreams
  • Its about holding on to your dreams and never letting go.
  • His writing was important because he gave people inspiration that they could do more than what they expected.
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  • Bessie Smith
  • Saint Louis Blues
  • It was ones of the first songs to succeed as a pop song, It inspired the step dance
  • It was important it remains fundamental part of jazz
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During the Harlem Renaissance we learned about all types of great people and things like artwork. Some of the people we learned about were W.E.B DuBois and Marcus Garvey. These two people were huge figures in the African American community. Al tough they were both for African Americans rights, one wanted to stand up against white people and the other wanted to get over it and go back to Africa. Artwork, writing, and music became a big contribution to the Harlem Renaissance era. Artwork made a big impression in society during this time. Writing inspired people to follow and give up on their dreams. Music contributed to their good times where they had fun. Over all the Harlem Renaissance was a great time period and era.