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Newsletter #5

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West Elementary

Building a School Community - Since social distancing and safety precautions have been heightened, it became apparent that the students did not widely recognize all of the adults in the building. As a result, staff created several games to learn the names and jobs of the adults working in the school.

Artwork - students have been creating special artwork to share with the hospital, assisted living center, and nursing home. It has been tough to bring visitors into the school this year, so West students connect with the community in other unique ways.

North Elementary

N.O.R.T.H. STARS is a recognition program celebrating students who demonstrate positive character traits. Each month, North Elementary partners with community businesses to make a special lunch available! N.O.R.T.H. STARS are nice, open-minded, respectful, thoughtful, and honest.

Showcase Night & Dr. Suess Night - Family engagement events encourage families and community members to visit North Elementary. The upcoming Showcase Night will feature in-depth projects such as life-size ecosystems, ancient civilization dream vacations, the wax museum, and rockets! Visit North Elementary on May 14, 2:30-5:30!

Goodland Jr./Sr. High School

EXPLORATION DAY - Through these events, students connect with community members to learn skills and knowledge in many areas. We value the resources in our community and appreciate the volunteers involved in extending learning opportunities for our students!

STUDENT-LED CONFERENCES - To increase involvement and awareness around academics, goal setting, and career planning, GJSHS implemented student-led parent-teacher conferences. This process combines planning, practicing, and presenting - all valuable skills for students to apply. Since implementation, attendance at conferences has risen from 54% to 94%.


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