7 Must Have Features to Look

Here are some of the essentials of a POS System

Touch Screen Display

User interface is really the most important part of a POS system. It is the main POS equipment that accelerates the processing of transaction in both food service and retail industry. With the help of quick access buttons and on-screen menus, even the newbie user can find the way to reduce training time. With the touch screen, you can easily manage your inventory and transaction process.

In-Built Customer Display

The customer also wants to know what the price of the product you are charging. With the help of in-built customer display, you can also run promotions and marketing messages and enhance sales.

POS Software

Though it feels obvious, there are several all-in-one POS equipments and system having just hardware. A printer cannot fax, scan or print without having a driver on your PC. Similarly, a POS System is nothing without having best POS software. You need to choose the software you want to run. With the help of a best POS system, you can easily get rid of extra stress. By choosing the best POS software, it will really be easy to do anything.


Though it seems pretty obvious, several vendors offer POS systems without this basic equipment. This way, a user has to set up a printer on their own, instead of having integrated printer. It is not possible to process sales without customer receipts. With having an easy load printer, you can easily reduce downtime. You can choose thermal printers that can easily serve the customers faster. They also enable graphics for bar codes, logos and marketing messages.

Magnetic Card Reader

You will need to have a magnetic card reader in order to receive payments from debit and credit cards and offer various services. This way, you can easily avoid the hassle of entering data manually.


The stronger and safer the POS system is, the better it would be to ensure security. The embedded, closed POS system can reduce exposure to malware as they are designed well. It also avoids installation of third party software. You need to ensure security of your POS system with some of the reliable service providers.

Other Equipments

Your POS System should come with all the latest interfaces that can support devices like PCs, scanners and scales. It is really very important that your POS system should support LAN interface that enable several POS systems to share data and stay connected in real time. Networking also provides options for office PC, device sharing, remote support and processing. It should also include support for LAN, USB and RS232.