Rosso Fiorentino

By Emerson Cilley

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  • March 8th, 1494 in Florence, Italy


  • Florence/Tuscany area until 1523
  • Rome, Italy until 1530
  • Paris, France


  • Andrea del Sarto
  • also inspired by Michelangelo


  • bastard child of a priest
  • worked in an art school with Jacopo de Pontormo

Type of Artwork: (Paintings)

  • The Assumption of the Virgin
  • Angel Playing a Lute
  • Madonna and Child with Saints


  • received early commissions from cathedrals when he first stared out
  • most famous patron was King Francois I of France

Interesting Facts:

  • real name is Giovanni Battista di Jacopo
  • had very prominent red hair
  • shunned for creating mannerism by critics
  • had lots of enemies

The Works:

Deposition from the Cross:

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  • 1521


  • Pinacoteca Comunale di Volterra, Italy


  • considered Rosso's most famous piece
  • marked a new era of mannerism
  • very grotesque representation of Christ

My Interest:

I thought this piece was interesting because it not only depicts the pain of Christ, but also how those around him (saints, disciples, Mary, etc.) are feeling as well. I have also never seen anything painted of Christ getting off of the cross, I've only seen paintings of him while he's still on it.


This piece represents both humanism and mannerism. The humanism is represented through the emotion being displayed in the faces of the people. From pain, to sadness, to fear, to disgust, to death, there is all kid of negative emotion being depicted. Mannerism was a new style created around this time that had a lot to do with humanism. However, mannerism tended to have a darker tone and the human features were usually purposely drawn out of scale to make things look more complex and grotesque.

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