L33T Index - Jobs Newsletter

Author: Harry Calder

PC Installations Engineer - Icomm Technologies : Birmingham

45-55, 2nd Floor Camden St, Birmingham B1 3BP - 0121 248 7878

Attributes looked for:

Specific: Drivers License Required

As part of the job role, you will be expected to travel across the United Kingdom. Since you will be required to make your own way to client sites to assist with the installation and configuration of PC's, it is important that you possess a valid drivers license to allow for travel as expected. This is important to us as we need an individual who is responsible for their own travelling, so that clients can be reached in a time efficient manner.

General: Communication Skills

At Icomm technologies it is important for our members of staff to have strong and clear communication skills. We value communication skills so highly because it is vital to have effective communication with our clients. As part of the job role you will be expected to liaise with our clients to understand what their expectations are and arrange times to visit the client. Having strong communication skills will allow you to be an effective member of our support team.

Soft Skills: Flexibility

Due to part of the job role involving visiting our clients, it is important that our members of staff are flexible, been able to arrange traveling to clients on a short notice. By been flexible, it will allow us to reach our customers promptly, been able to provide the necessary service quickly and efficiently. By having flexible employees, we will be able to provide the best possible service to our clients, installing and configuring PC's on a rapid basis.

Student Web Developer - Thistle Help : Ayrshire

15 Portland Ave, Irvine, North Ayrshire KA12 8NL - 01294 313369

Attributes looked for:

Specific: 1 years Word Press experience

As part of working at Thistle Help, you shall be making use of software to aid you in the development of websites. The main piece of software that we make use of is WordPress. Because this software is widely used throughout the company, we expect you to have some experience and understanding of this software. The reasoning for this is so that you can get straight into the job role, without spending time training in learning how to use the software.

General: Creativity

As this job role will involve the creation and maintenance of websites, it is vital that the perfect candidate for this role will have creativity. In order for high quality websites to be produced, it is essential that the user is able to produce designs that are attractive for users to look at. Without the attribute of creativity, you will not be able to produce to the standard of websites that we expect from our members of staff, as we have set ourselves the standards of producing to the highest quality possible.

Soft Skills: Confidence

For your position in this company, you will be expected to be working in a team of already existing team members. As it is expected that you will be working with groups of other individuals, you will require confidence in order to communicate effectively and get the ideas across in an effective manner. As the role involves working on websites, you will also need confidence in sharing your own ideas on any improvements that can be made, allowing for us to consistently improve upon our standards.