Romi Cohn

by Trevor Merck

I can't become the beast I hate so much!

Romi Cohn is a 15 year old boy that lived in Pressburg , Czechoslovakia. He had 4 sisters , and 2 brothers. He was a young brave boy.

Earning his rank

Romi had to prove himself to his partisan unit and when he did he was granted a horse. He proved himself by shooting a burp gun and hitting a tree on target.

Joining a unit

Romi Cohn joined a partisan unit because he felt safer joining the unit than sitting home doing nothing putting down his guard.
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The picture above is a burp gun they used in a partisan unit.

The Holocoust

The Holocaust was a period of time where Adolf Hitler was trying to wipe out a race of people called Jews. Hitler successfully killed 11 million Jews. The way he killed the Jews was so bad I can not even explain how many different horrible ways he killed Jews. Hitler got other people that believed that Jews should not live on this earth to help him kill Jews. The place where Jews were executed/ killed were called Concentration camps. It was horrible that Jews had to dig their own grave then told to stand in front of the grave and were shot right in front of the grave so they would fall in that grave. They were also told that they needed to take a shower but the Hitler lied to them instead of taking shower they were gassed till everybody in that chamber was dead. That chamber that Jews got gassed in was called a gas chamber. Now you know a little bit about the holocaust.

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