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What is Artic Tundra?

Artic Tundra is an area with extremley cold climate

Low Biotic diversity

Simple vegetation structure

limitation of drainage

Endangered species is Artic Fox

What The Climate

The Artic Tundra has long cold winters and short cool summers. Winters here are very harsh with low temperture with a little percipitation. The biggest problem here is permafrost. The soil is in a hard rocky format so that makes crop growing very difficult nearly impossible. Also water drainage is a problrm here too. So if u visit here make sure u use wear and bring warm clothing.

pictures of the Artic Tundra

where can i find a artic tundra

Artic Tundras are found in the northern part of Eroupe,North America (Canada),and Asia. Theres no limitation to the tundra , the largest tundra landscape is found in Russia. 11% of russia is considered tundra. So th

Artic Tundra

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