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Tattoos (Daisy Rodriguez)

Tattoos have been around for such a long time that no one really knows how they started, where they originated or even why. There has been around 40% of most people entering adulthood that already have at least 1 tattoo. Tattoo artist Megan Massacre says that the feather that breaks into a million birds is the current Pinterest favorite tattoo. Ötzi, is one of the oldest mummy, and has approximately 61 tattoos of black horizontal and vertical lines. Its known that tattoos weren't made for fashion, instead was a mark of early diagnostics or pain relief treatment, the tattoos were found among his lower back, knee and ankle joints where it appeared to be degeneration. For example, tattoos have also helped sailors and any army or military member, to know where they have been. For sailors, swallows indicated that they have traveled 5,000 miles, whereas a turtle shell meant they have crossed the equator. Later, some people wanted to have more sanitary and safe tattoo shops, they made sure that tattoos were made safely and have good after care so that they could heal beautifully. There is also different needles and ink that could make people feel more comfortable. Waverly Ink, is a vegan ink that most people like to use, not because other ink has animals in it or anything. But people are now more cautious of what kind of ink they are using to put on themselves. More people are not just respecting the art but they are also respecting their own body. (Cite: )

Makeup (Daisy Rodriguez)

In the 1920’s new makeup trends were introduced. Eye shadow was very heavily used and very dark which many people used many combinations of both dark and medium smudging. Rouge blush was introduced and was mainly used around the apple of the cheek that showed the circle in pinkish and orangish shades. Bright red lipstick was a must have and most peopled used the lipstick to draw a “cupid's bow” shape to their lips. Starting the 1930’s foundation was introduced and more people wanted to get foundation so that they could look even more pale. Later, even eyebrows were plucked to be high arched and thin. A thin line was drawn on with a special pencil to show a cat eye. In 1950’s was the Rock N’ Roll years, big screen actors like Marilyn Monroe were encouraged to show the perfection and glamour to look flawless. And foundation would be a thicker coat to hide all the imperfections and blemishes that could appear naturally on your face. Now there was thicker and more dramatic eyeliner texture and color on your eye to make it stand out. Make up in the 1990’s was more based on who you looked up to and you would normally follow their makeup trend. Most people would follow the “heroin chic” makeup style which made women have heavy, dark and very smokey colors as their eye makeup. Up until now, your makeup depends on what kind of person you consider yourself. If you're more experienced with makeup you're bound to look better than someone that still watches those YouTube tutorial videos.