Come to Georgia!

The Best Place For Visiting And Living

Just Who Are We?

Georgia was originally colonized by England to prevent South Carolina from getting invaded by Native Americans as well as the Spanish.

Where Are We And What Do We Do?

Georgia is located on the Atlantic coast of North America. Because of our plentiful forests as well as coastal plains, our economy is based of of agriculture. We export tobacco, livestock, cotton and corn as well as fish, timber, grain and other farm products to other colonies.
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Would You Be A Good Fit?

Georgia is proud to be the only colony that is founded by a board of trustees. In 1775 we started to be governed as a Royal Colony. We are the best place for religious freedom because we aren't dominated by one specific religion!

Some Unique Facts About Georgia

  • We became a state on January 2, 1788
  • We were the last American Colony
  • William Stephens is currently the president of Georgia
  • We served as a buffer state during the Spanish-American War

The People You Need To Know!

  • James Oglethorpe: He founded Georgia!
  • Mary Musgrove: A half Native American and half White woman that translated between the Yamacraw Chief Tomochichi and Oglethorpe
  • John Reynolds: Georgia's first royal governor!
  • Robert Castell: John Ogelthorpe's friend that influenced him to reform the prison system
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James Oglethorpe