I'm GIVING AWAY Stella & Dot!

First come, First served!

Here's the Deal!

I have 7 "Weeknight Wine-Down" Girls night openings and one Sangria Sunday in June. I have some A-MA-ZING pieces that I decided to gift to my hostesses this month as a special thank-you since you are the heart and soul of Stella & Dot. You're already getting an EXTRA $50 shopping spree (on top of your $250+ avg) in June, but I'm in a giving mood :)

So, pick a date and pick your free piece.

First to choose a date gets first choice.

Here are the dates (go grab a calendar!)

Wed June 10th

Tues June 16th

Wed June 17th

Thurs June 18th

Wed June 24th

Thurs June 25th

Sun June 28th

Tues June 30th (this is like a Fri since Wed is a holiday!!)

Choose your date and choose something pictured below! Why not? Of course you deserve a girls night in and a shopping spree!

Pick your favourite Stella item here:

Why June is the best month for a Stella Girls Night....

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Click the " Join" tab on my page or message me. www.stelladot.com/carrieshannon

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