Escaping Slavery

Assignment #1

How to ESCAPE!

1. Become friends with darkies on your plantation. Avoid the overseer because if he catches you, he will tell the headmaster. If his does so, the flogging will continue forever.

2. Travel north by looking for moss on trees, the north star, and migrating birds.

3. Once it is dark (the house lights off) you will cross the Ohio River from Nashville.

4. During the day HIDE! Use water to conceal your scent from dogs. Soon you will find someone who will help you escape the particular institution or the "conductor".

5. Follow the conductors instruction to Canada, he has experience because he has traveled the route many times). You are not safe till you are north of the "Black Belt" therefore, do not stop till you get there.

6. Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner are trying to change America for the better, so keeping going and do not lose faith.

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The Underground Railroad: A Journey to Freedom