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Punitive Damages: Their Role in Personal Injury Cases

There are cases in which the defendant's actions are deemed notably egregious or outrageously careless. A personal injury plaintiff can be awarded punitive damages in addition to any compensatory damage award. Punitive damages concepts are derived from a thought pattern that is wholly different than the justification foundation related to compensatory damages, which attempts to "make the victim whole."

Punitive damages are awarded to the injured plaintiff, for the express purpose is to punish the wrong doer for their conduct. Many people are alert when retribution "hits them in the pocketbook." It is also designed to act as a deterrent. It is not unusual for punitive damage awards to equal several millions of dollars. Many places have set a cap or limit on punitive damage awards in personal injury cases. Research injury lawyers oakville to get information on how to determine what the statute would deliver to you as a punitive damage award.

Plaintiff's Actions (or Inaction) may Affect Damage Awards

There are instances where an injured party's role in causing an accident comes into question. Even, their inaction after being injured can come under scrutiny. The in jured party's action or inaction can diminish the amount of damages in a personal injury case.

Contributory negligence. There are some places that follow the concept of "contributory negligence" for personal injury lawsuits, you may not be able to recover any compensation at all if you're deemed partially to blame for the accident. If this is the case your injury lawyer oakville will inform you immediately.

After the accident: Do you really need to be compensated.

The law in some places expect plaintiffs in personal injury cases to take reasonable steps to minimize or "mitigate" the financial blow of the harm caused by the accident. If an injured party is not proactive and does nothing to help themselves where it would be reasonable to do so (such as failing to get necessary medical treatment after an accident, and aggravating their injuries) a damages award might be significantly reduced. (For more information on defense strategies that can counter an injury claim, contact an injury lawyer oakville. A personal injury damage award almost always includes costs like medical care associated with the accident and reimbursement for treatment you've already received aas well as compensation for the estimated cost of future medical expenses and care because of the accident.

Other monies that might be recovered from an injury claim are Income- You may be entitled to compensation for the accident's impact on your salary and wages -- not just income you've already lost but also the money you would have been able to make in the future, were it not for the accident. In personal injury legalese, a damage award based on future income is characterized as compensation for an accident victim's "loss of earning capacity."

Property loss- If any vehicles, clothing, or other items were damaged as a result of the accident, you'll likely be entitled to reimbursement for repairs or compensation for the fair market value of the property that was lost.

Pain and suffering- You may be entitled to get compensation for pain and serious discomfort you suffered during the accident and afterward. Victims can get awards for any ongoing pain as well, that can be attributed to the accident.

It's hard to put a price tag on a tragedy but injury lawyers oakille peruse the law and come back with best advice pertinent to your case. While your claim may have started just so you get back to where you were before the accident there are situations where you might be awarded extra just because the other was very wrong in the whole matter.

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