Community Based Yoga Classes in the Bad Axe Area

What's New this Week

May 9, 2016

Spring is beginning to bloom, and soon we will be admiring the wonderful colors in our flower pots, landscaping and gardens. With this also comes longer days, more sunshine, graduation parties, weddings, family gatherings, various outdoor recreational activities and of course yard work.

Stephanie's blog this week focuses on keeping our perspective in check as we manage our busy lives. She explores the idea of Santosa, a term that means contentment, as she recounts the adventure of her first attempt at yard work. Click here to read Santosa and a Feral Yorkie.

The schedule will remain the same for the time being. We will advise you on schedule adjustments as they are made according to attendance this spring. If anyone has a special request day and time that they feel would work well for a specific group of people, please let us know.

You will always find the most current schedule on the MINDBODY link available through our website. You will also be notified there of cancelled sessions due to unforeseen circumstance or lack of attendance.

Look for an occasional Saturday morning class! Saturday Specials will happen when we are available and will take place at the studio or somewhere outdoors! We will have a sign up sheet in the studio as they get near. The schedule on MINDBODY will also post the Saturday class.

We appreciate all of you that are using MINDBODY on a regular basis to sign up for class. This helps us have an idea of attendance and is greatly appreciated. If you haven't tried signing up yet online, give it a try. If you have attended our classes, we most likely have created a profile for you, so you can just search your name and update your information. If your name doesn't come up, create a profile. The rest is easy and we are always happy to assist!

We would love to hear about your yoga experience or address any questions you have. Please email us at pureyogafitness@gmail.com.

As always, we are blessed to be a part of your yoga practice.

Lisa and Stephanie

Pose of The Week

Child's Pose

Focus: Child's pose is useful in relieving back, neck, shoulder and hip strain. It also aides digestion when our knees are together and our belly is resting on our thighs. Most importantly, it reminds us that rest is a good thing.

Starting on our hands and knees, spread your knees apart and on an exhale sink your torso between your thighs sinking your tailbone toward the earth. Extend your arms out in front of you, relax forehead on mat, lengthen from your hips to armpits to fingertips or lengthen arms alongside of your body reaching behind you with palms facing upward.

Modifications: Difficulty sinking tailbone down place a rolled blanket between back of your thighs and calves, make fists and rest forehead on fists, tight hips and hamstrings keep legs more together for deeper stretch in hips widen legs.

Benefits: Relieves tension in back, neck and shoulders. Recommended if you have dizziness or fatigue, alleviates anxiety and stress, stretches hips, thighs and ankles,normalizes circulation, stretches muscles, tendons and ligaments in knees, encourages strong and steady breathing, and calms mind and body.