Fabulous in Fourth

Mrs. Christopher's Class, April, 2015

April is Poetry Month!

We are having a great time this month with poetry. Some amazing poems have been shared and students are writing some creative ones too! This Friday, we are taking a trip to Sunrise to visit the residents and share our favorites with them. We hope to make a difference and provide some fun in their day. The following Friday, on May 1, we hope you all can join us to hear our presentations too. We'll begin at 1:00. We are all looking forward to both events!

Gower Middle

This Thursday, we'll be taking a trip to Gower Middle to hear a special segment of their musical, Shrek! We are so lucky to be able to have this opportunity! We will be eating lunch early and leaving around 12:15. I cannot wait to see this exciting show! If you'd like to come see the musical in the evening, it will be open to the public on Thursday and Friday nights!


We will be taking the final portions of MAP and PAARC soon. MAP testing will be next week on Tuesday, April 28 (Reading) and Wednesday, April 29 (Math). PAARC will be the week of May 11. Monday, May 11 will be ELA1, and Thursday and Friday, May 14 and 15, we'll be taking Math 1 and 2. For this PAARC assessment, there are only three sections. I am confident the students are going to do a great job on both!

Report Cards and Registration

Thank you for sending the report card envelopes in as well as the registration packets. If you have not yet done so, please send them both back to school so we can prepare for fourth quarter closing procedures. Much appreciated!

Disability Awareness Workshop

Last Friday, we were so lucky to have the opportunity to participate in the Disability Awareness Workshops. The students were able to experience activities and tools that would help them to learn the perspective of someone who lives with different disabilities daily. I was impressed at the reactions of the students and the comments they made showed that the event really had an impact on them. Thank you very much to the Gower Foundation and the many PTO volunteers! So lucky for all of you!

Field Day and School Picnic

Our Field Day/Picnic is currently scheduled for Wednesday, June 3. T-shirts and mesh shorts are being sold now and are due by this Friday, April 24. We love the new purple color and star logo! If you need a new form, they are on the virtual backpack. Thank you!!